Professional Associations

Air Techniques is dedicated to playing an active role within the dental community. We are proud to support the following organizations that share our enthusiasm for providing better dentistry.

The American Dental Association

The oldest and largest national dental society in the world. This organization became the main source of information about oral health for dentists and their patients.

The American Dental Assistant Association

The oldest and largest group representing professional assistants and dental assistants.

The American Dental Education Association

As the only national organization representing dentistry studies, the American Dental Education Association is the voice of all the world of education in dentistry.

Association of Dental Support Organization (ADSO)

ADSO is dedicated to supporting DSOs and group practices, regardless of size, to grow strategically. ADSO member organizations support a practice environment where dentists have the ability to choose the administrative services which best allows them to focus on patients, expand access to quality dental care and improve the oral health of their communities.

Dental Lifeline Network

A national dental humanitarian organization that provides access to comprehensive dental services for the most vulnerable in our society, persons with disabilities, to seniors or people with poor mental health and can not find using any other way.

The Dental Trade Alliance

An association of companies that provide equipment, supplies, equipment or services for dentists and other oral health professional. Member companies are distributors, dental laboratories and manufacturers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Providing the best equipment, materials and services to dentists and oral health professionals, they are partners in improving oral health for all.

OSAP (Organization for Security, aseptic and Prevention)

A unique group of educators in dentistry, consultants, researchers, clinicians and industry representatives with a common mission: to be the leading global advocate for safe oral health care and without infection. OSAP maintains this commitment to oral health workers and to the public through quality education and dissemination of information.

CRET (Center for Research and Education in Technology)

CRET was founded in 2004 by a group of innovative dental industry leaders to achieve the following vision: to insure that each dental school has the latest in equipment and products and that dental students and faculty have access to this technology for treatment of patients while in dental school.

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