Product Managers

Nicole Miller

Product Manager - Hygiene

Nicole Miller joined Air Techniques, Inc. in January of 2002. She brings over a decade of combined experience in product management and marketing to the company. She has been instrumental in the successful launch of several infection control products within the company’s branded Monarch® line, and consistently develops strategic initiatives to further develop its growth. Ms. Miller holds dual citizenships in the United States and Germany. She earned her MBA from universities in Germany.

Jonathan Newman

Product Manager - Digital Imaging

Jonathan Newman joined Air Techniques, Inc. in 2006. During his tenure, he has held a number of positions within the organization. In his current role, Product Manager—Diagnostic Systems; Mr. Newman is responsible for the entire ScanX line of digital imaging systems, imaging software programs and analog film processors. Mr. Newman holds a Bachelor's in Economics and Business from the University of Rhode Island.

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